Improved Tradeshow / Event Results Require: 

- An in-the-booth strategy that quickly, skillfully identifies quality visitors and avoids wasting time with browsers.

- Once Motivated Explorers are identified, a swift and effective follow-up system that (a) assures you understand present status in the decision process and (b) maintains “Memory of Value” contact during the entire decision cycle.


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Most franchise sales material sounds as if the goal is selling your product or service rather than presenting your value story translated into the language of the potential franchisee. The difference is profound and can be a gamechanger.

Improving Portal Results Requires these Steps:

- Awareness that portals are a highly (insanely?) competitive research venue and development of a make-the-first-cut strategy rather than hoping that a this is the one decision will be made based on portal research.

- Prospect-focused content that speaks directly to the reasons a potential lead is visiting the portal, showing that you deserve additional exploration.

- Focus on attracting quality leads rather than maximizing quantity.

- Swift and effective Memory of Value follow-up during decision cycle.

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One-to-One Lead Development, LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful B2B networking system, and we have learned to use LinkedIn to help franchisors create quality leads, one-by-one: an ideal avenue to multi-unit franchisors seeking diversification.

It’s a two-part process:

(1) Enhance your LinkedIn presence, publishing, etc.

(2) Invite as a method of initial interest — done right, a solid lead.