First we must identify Motivated Explorers

Franchising is bombarded by casual inquiries and unqualified leads. They waste time and distract effective follow-up with qualified leads. We will focus on identifying quality leads vs. seeking quantity as a key goal.




We must understand goals and inquiry stage

There are at least three lead categories that we must identify and communicate with based on their core goal:

- First time franchisee, making a career change.

- First time franchisee, solid business experience

- Veteran franchisee, considering diversifying portfolio.

Inquiry stage begins at early exploration and continues through final decision-making. Again, communication must mesh.



CRM and follow-up execution must be excellent

We must be working with a solid CRM.  If it is Franconnect, we can begin immediately building new methods and content. For other CRMS, we will analyze most efficient way to proceed.

At a minimum, follow-up steps should include multi-week interaction with qualified leads and 12-month or longer follow-up with leads we believe to be motivated.



A No-Nonsense Approach to

Improved Conversion of Leads to Zees



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